The woods here are not safe.  Here there is death...and not just a quiet, quick death; but deaths were the souls scream as they are ripped from the body.  The inhabitants who live here are not forgiving.

Years ago this was a place where people wanted to come and watch movies, laugh with their friends and families...many summer nights were spent in this very drive-in.

But then it happened.

The former curator of Horseshoe Lake Drive-in was found one night with a knife buried deep in the throat of his wife.  Her body lay open like a hog's gut at butchering time...he had taken part of her...well, there were parts missing.  She had tried to escape from him, but that would not happen now.  Here she lay with less than all of her parts and with no sound or movement...she was worse than dead.

The old curator took his son and daughter and fled to the trees and hills around Horseshoe this day he seeks to shed the blood of anyone who dares to try and enter his drive-in.  There in the trees the three of them have formed with other psychopathic minds to make those who enter wish for a quick and quiet death.  But they never deliver  that form of mercy.

Here you will find their meat camp, cemetery where they bury their dead victims, and often the victims can be found hanging from trees or stuck to the trunk of the old oak tree in the center of the forest.  Some say there are man-eating spiders and sometimes from the bed of the old lake the swamp monster can be seen walking the forest looking for something to eat...and if you hear chainsaws, run as fast as you can.  Find your way out before they find you.

These trees hide the faces that are watching you as you walk through the haunted forest...they have set traps for you...they are watching you and know that you fear them!